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Our Case Manager “is always helpful, pleasant, personal, and professional. My mother and I are comfortable and confident with her ability to answer questions and explain options available.”

Daughter of a Home Care Consumer

“Thank you for your support.  My goal is to live at home.  The help I am receiving is helping me to attain it.  I recommend you to a lot of people. “

Home Care Consumer

The Money Management Program Director “has gone above and beyond for me.  She has answered all my calls, in a good time frame.  (She) is a kind person when it comes to very sensitive matters.  I trust her completely. “

Money Management Consumer

“Thank you all more than you can know. Elder Services has actually saved my life because I was not eating during the day and having bad sugar. I was on the verge of going into a coma or worst. Thanks to your meal program I am again feeling good and looking forward to a very merry Christmas with family. I thank all the staff, the volunteers, the drivers and the food program. God bless you all.”

Mr. D.T., Meals on Wheels Recipient

The Case Manager “always responded when I had questions about my mother’s care. She calls ahead for home visits, shows up on time, and is extremely professional when dealing with my mother. Very satisfied with her.”

Daughter of a Home Care Consumer

Testimonials from the My Life My Health Classes of 2014

“I enjoyed the program very much. We learned that we can question doctor’s opinions until we understand what our condition is. If we make a daily plan, we are more committed to follow through with it. Moderation is the key.”

“I am walking more even though I can’t walk outside. I do my exercises more to strengthen my muscles. I like the group interactive learning. I learned how to relax. I had a stressful time in the past week. I learned healthier eating habits and liked the group and leaders.”

“I would very much like to thank our two leaders who were very helpful, supportive, and made our classes so much fun and informative. I really learned a lot in these classes about how to take better care of myself. I also appreciate how they made me feel better about myself. I have to say I didn’t want to miss a class. I even came when I was sick. I had a TIA last week. Going to class made me feel better so I guess that shows they are doing a wonderful job. Thank you to the both of you. I will miss you.”

“I am so glad to have attended Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Health Conditions. The leaders were interesting and helpful. They really did their homework. I can say they motivated me to change some of my thinking and to realize that the knowledge that I have gained will make my life a bit easier. They will be remembered as good friends who care how we feel and live.”

“I took this class and I have learned a lot and made some friends. We hope to see them again. May God bless them, thank you.”

  • (With Meals on Wheels) I can stay at my home without having to go to a nursing home.
  • We appreciate the service, are thankful for it and your efforts to provide good food.
  • (Meals on Wheels) reminds me to eat
  • (Meals on Wheels) helps me to eat a good nutritious meal.
  • I cannot cook, if I did not have the meals I would not have anything to eat.
  • (Meals on Wheels) helps me eat the food I am supposed to be eating.
  • The food is very good and it gives me contact with the outside world.
  • (With Meals on Wheels) I try new foods.
  • I don’t cook for myself so without meals on wheels I ate completely wrong and it affected my health.
  • (Meals on Wheels) helps me feel healthier.
  • (Meals on Wheels provides) Portion control.
  • Before receiving meals on wheels I didn’t eat lunch, I only ate breakfast and supper.
  • (Without Meals on Wheels) I would have gone hungry.
  • (Meals on Wheels) Helps me save money on my food budget.
  • Thanks to all involved you do an amazing job.
– Meals on Wheels quality assurance survey respondents

I love the services this agency provides me.

Personal Care Attendant Consumer

Thank you so much for everything you did to help us care for our mother.  To the entire staff at Elder Services, thank you all for your assistance and compassion through our mother’s illness. We shall forever be grateful.

Kathy & Butch, Worcester

Attending the Dining Center…

  • Keeps me alive.
  • Helps maintain my blood sugar.
  • Helps maintain my weight.
  • Helps maintain my blood pressure
  • Provides portion control.
  • Saves money.
  • I eat less fast food.
  • Is usually my biggest meal of the day.
  • Helps me eat a balanced diet
– Dining Center quality assurance survey respondents

Your organization and its full compliment of staff are tied with the Alzheimer’s Organization as the best personal and professional experiences of my lifetime. Your professionalism, courtesy, knowledge base, resources and tools, ethics and morals and especially your listening skills have guided us in an emergency to the best possible place for Mom right now. We are continuing to use the tools and education you gave us to refine and enhance both Mom’s needs and ours! Thank you so very much and God bless!

-quality assurance survey respondent

We began receiving Meals on Wheels from Elder Services of Worcester in June 2009 when my wife became ill. The Meals on Wheels Program has been such a blessing. My wife is 93 years of age, is now housebound and no longer able to prepare our meals. I myself at 86 years of age am not a good cook, and therefore we could not rely on my skills to stay healthily nourished.

Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc.’s Meals on Wheels Program is a great help in that it provides my wife and I with one wholesome and tasty meal every day; it is reassuring to know we can count on it. We have nothing but the highest praise for the service, the Drivers are fantastic and caring, the menus are descriptive and educational, the portions are sufficient and the program offers a good variety of food. We really cannot complain or criticize the service at all. The Older Americans Act Elder Nutrition Program is a very beneficial program, it helps us remain in our own home and independent; personally I am unsure what we would do without it.

Mr. K (Caregiver) & Mrs. K Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

I began receiving Meals on Wheels from Elder Services of Worcester in 2008 when my wife entered a Nursing Home. I live with my son, who currently works as an entertainer and is often not around during the day to assist with meal preparation. Meals on Wheels is something that my son and I can rely on. It provides regularity and variation in my diet that I would not have if I had to try to cook for myself every day. I know that I get at least one nutritious balanced meal a day as long as I am on this service.

As a former Congregate Volunteer and Participant I miss the congenial and social atmosphere from the days when I was able to get out and attend the Congregate Meal Site. We (all the participants) were like a family, it was not just about the meal; the Congregate Meal Sites have entertainment, we get to socialize making new friends, and learn something new through the educational programs.

For 6 years I served as Chair of the local Nutrition Program Advisory Council. It is very satisfying to see all the effort we put into the Elder Nutrition Program continues, and personally it has paid off now that I am in need of and receiving Meals on Wheels myself.

 Mr. L Worcester, MA

We began attending the Congregate Dining Center while we were on vacation in another state (New Mexico) visiting with my (Irene’s) Mother. Mother was interested in attending and needed transportation so since we were there and were also eligible we went together as a family.

We enjoyed the experience so much while on vacation that when we returned home to Auburn we decided to attend the Dining Center, and started going everyday Monday – Friday. We even stepped forward to volunteer and have been delivering Meals on Wheels on two days a week and attending the Dining Center when we are finished delivering Meals on Wheels.

The Congregate Meal Program is more than just a meal every day. Through the Dining Center we have a new social life and have made many new friends in town we would never have met otherwise, as well as the opportunity to give back to our community by volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels.

Attending the Dining Center has also helped us tremendously with our household budget. There are so many expenses these days, and in this current economy it can be difficult to make ends meet. Knowing that we can count on eating five hot nutritious meals a week at the Dining Center helps us save on the expense of those extra groceries. It truly makes a big difference in our grocery bill. There is no way we could eat as well at home on the same amount as the suggested donation which we make to the program.

As Members of the local Nutrition Program Advisory Council we bring feedback from the Dining Center Participants to the Management of the local Program. As appropriate changes to menus, recipes or products are made based on the Council’s recommendations. It is an important part of the program and we are honored to be spokespeople for the Participants of our Town’s Dining Center.

Overall, we would not recommend changing anything about the Older Americans Act Elder Nutrition Congregate Meal Program; they are doing a good job. We are grateful that we have the privilege of participating in the program on so many different levels. Our only disappointment is that we wish more people would take advantage of this valuable program.

 Mrs. & Mr. M Auburn MA

She (my case manager) was there for us when we needed her. She was very helpful when I was in rehab for 8 weeks, and helpful when I came home. Just can’t thank her enough for what she does for me. She visits me and talks to me about my needs. I’m glad that we have social workers to help us stay in our own home or apartment.

Charlotte, Worcester

Dear Megan (Case Manager),

This letter is to inform you that your client, Ruth, is now residing in an out of state nursing facility: but, mainly it is to express my gratitude to you and the staff of Worcester Elder Services who serve alongside you. From our initial contact with the Meals of Wheels program to the later respite provisions of Millbury Adult Day Health and Transportation, the support has been so appreciated.

Megan, your wisdom in times of critical need, your phone calls and visits, your conscientious follow-ups after hospital discharges, and, most of all, your caring spirit has meant a lot as we dealt with Mom’s aging and illnesses.

Mom is now residing in a lovely facility on a beautiful campus setting in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania- not far from where she and Dad resided for over 50 years. She celebrated her 91st birthday with a big family party before she moved.

Thank you seems so inadequate; but, you were my lifeline! I could not have done it without you!

Carolyn, Millbury

Meals on Wheels was such a help while I recovered from knee replacement surgery. It gave my husband, my caregiver , a much needed break from the chores.

Helen, Oakham

This brief letter is to thank you so very much for checking up on me today. However, I regret that it was a day that this ‘cancer’ had taken its toll on me mentally and physically, affecting my sociability skills. So far I have greatly beaten the odds, when my medical team, family members and friends had given me 6 months to live over 2 1/2 years ago.  I really appreciate the services that your agency is providing for my continued comfort.

 Levi W., Worcester

Thank you for some very tasty and nutritious meals. My health has improved very much since I have been receiving Meals on Wheels.

Jessie, Holden

Just a little note to let you know how much your meals on wheels helped me stay on my diabetic diet. It is the portion of food I am supposed to eat. I had my blood work done recently and my results are great, sugar down, cholesterol down, triglycerides down. Thanks to you for helping me keep it in control.

Joan, Worcester

My grandmother counted on and loved receiving meals on wheels after she gave up her car and license. The daily visit was great for her and she always had a story for us about the delivery folks. Thanks you for offering such a great service.

Beth, Greenfield
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