One Care


One Care plans are health plans that have been selected by MassHealth and Medicare to provide the full set of MassHealth and Medicare benefits already received, plus additional benefits not previously covered by MassHealth or Medicare. In a One Care plan, the consumer has a personalized Care Team that will work together with the consumer to develop a Personal Care Plan to get the consumer the right services. The consumer is at the center of the care team, and is invited to be a fully participating member of the team. See for more information.


One Care Eligibility Criteria

  • Ages 21-64
  • MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth
  • Medicare A and B and qualifies for Medicare D
  • Cannot have additional private health insurance
  • Cannot be enrolled in Home & Community Based Services waiver


One Care Services

  • Full range of existing MassHealth and Medicare covered services
  • Additional benefits not previously covered by MassHealth and Medicare
  • Increased coverage for medications
  • Long Term Services and Supports/Community Based Services
  • Diversionary Behavioral Health Services
  • Individualized Care Planning by you and your personalized Care Team


Enrollment Process

  • Consumer should call MassHealth Customer Service (1-800-841-2900 or TTY 1-800-497-4648) to request information on plans or to enroll in a plan
  • Once enrolling in a plan, the plan outreaches the consumer to discuss needs and arrange for staff from the plan to visit the consumer
  • A nurse or care coordinator from the plan visits the consumer to conduct an assessment, discuss needs and develop the Care Team
  • Members can disenroll at any time



Elder Services is unable to choose a One Care Plan for you; however we will provide

you with information to help you to make an educated choice.

One Care Plans in the Greater Worcester Area

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