Personal Care Attendant Program


The Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Program is an independent living program funded through MassHealth. It allows a client of any age who meets the MassHealth guideline of frailty to hire their own personal care attendants. Hours approved are determined ultimately by MassHealth. ESWA’s Skill Trainer must do a visit first to explain the program, determine if the client meets the initial eligibility & assist with the start of the enrollment process.


The client does need to find their own worker but if they do not have one in mind, the Skills Trainer can give training and ideas as to how to find a worker. After the Skills Trainer visits, she consults with the client’s physician and the ESWA Nurse to come up with a service plan to propose to MassHealth, based on the client’s needs. To participate in the PCA program, the consumer must be enrolled as a employer and the worker as an employee with the IRS. Our PCA Skills Trainer can assist with the necessary tax forms. Once Masshealth has approved the amount of hours and the fiscal agency has all the tax forms in place, the worker can begin submitting timesheets and receive payment for being the client’s PCA.


Looking for a PCA or are you a PCA looking for work?


The Massachusetts PCA referral directory, sponsored by the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Quality Home Care Workforce Council, offers a comprehensive and current list of people in Massachusetts who are ready to provide personal care. It is a service of Rewarding Work Resources, Inc.


The directory will enable PCA users in Massachusetts to receive the support they need to live independently. You can get names, contact information, and availability of PCAs for full- or part-time work, review their experience, and learn if they are available to work mornings, days, evenings or weekends.


This program is free for residents of Massachusetts who receive PCA services through MassHealth. You can find the directory here:

pca-jb-e     pca-jb-sp
Important Notices


PCA Overtime Management Update, October 2016


Effective immediately, New PCAs must complete the PCA New Hire Orientation requirement within 6 months from their date of hire. New PCAs who fail to complete the Orientation within the six months; an after-tax payroll deduction equal to two dollars ($2.00) per hour will apply, until such time as they complete the Orientation program. If the New PCA completes the Orientation within 2 months of their 6 month anniversary date, the payroll deductions will cease and all accumulated deductions will be returned. If the New PCA completes the Orientation after 8 months of the date of hire and submits the correct paperwork, the payroll deductions will cease but they will forfeit all accumulated deductions.
Enforcement Poster (click link to view)




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