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Elder Services of Worcester’s nursing department serves as an integral part of the case management team, providing in home assessments for clients in our service area. Our nurses determine a plan of care for clients in need of assist with Personal Care (click here for definition) at the request of Elder Services case managers. They visit elders in their homes to assess their needs for assistance with bathing or other personal hygiene and to evaluate the home environment. Our nurses determine if any accommodations such as safety equipment or adaptations need to be made before personal care begins.


Our Nurses also….

…Determine a person’s medical eligibility for Nursing Homes, and Adult Day Health services for those individuals who have Medicaid. We refer to this process as a screening. We do offer Nursing Home screenings for non-Medicaid recipients for a fee.


How to Request a Nursing Home Screening

See the step by step process below for more information. Please note that elders must be a current Medicaid or Mass Health recipient, or be in the process of applying for Medicaid, in order to begin the screening process. If you are in the process of applying for Medicaid and wish to begin the screening process, please have the date that the application was mailed when you speak with our Intake staff.


Step one in requesting a nursing home screening for an elder living in our service area is to contact our Intake/Information and Referral Department at (508) 756-1545. We are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


Step two is when our nurses review the request for the urgency of each individual situation. In most cases, contact with the elder or referral source is made within 1 business day. If required, an appointment is made for a visit to meet with the elder and determine their current needs. We must also contact the client’s physician for medical information. A recent medical visit and a physician who is very familiar with client’s needs and current difficulties are always suggested.


Step three is a review of medical information by our nurse and the results of the assessment visit for nursing home eligibility. Often we see clients who would benefit from various services offered in the community and refer them to agencies that could meet their needs and maintain them safely. This could be as little as a personal care worker to assist with bathing tasks or as much as a complete change in residence to an assisted living or rest home program. At this point we make various referrals to agencies that may be able to provide the level of assistance that is needed and will continue to evaluate an elder’s progress to ensure that the community plan is adequate and safe. If the community services that are available are not sufficient to meet the elder’s needs, we then approve them for nursing home admission. Our nurses routinely request medical information from other providers such as Home Health Agencies or Adult Day Health Programs that may be involved with the elder’s care in the community as part of the Nursing Home admission process.


Click here to go to our Frequently Asked Question section regarding Nursing Issues.

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