Student Interns

Student Intern Program

The Student Intern Program was developed as a means of providing area college students with clinical experience working with elders in the Worcester area. The student intern benefits from this experience in the following ways:


  • Involves the student in a clinical experience designed to deliver needed services to elderly persons.
  • Provides field observation of service delivery within the home environment/setting.
  • Provides education on assessing client’s needs.
  • Provides insight on the community’s human service resources.
  • Acquaints the student with issues facing an aging population.
  • Increases the student’s perceptions about the meaning of growing old.
  • Allows the student to actively participate in enhancing the quality of life for frail, vulnerable persons.
  • In addition to benefiting the student, the intern program benefits Elder Services of Worcester Area as an agency by providing additional resources for serving clients. The intern’s involvement allows the case manager to monitor critical cases more closely, which enhances his/her ability to intercede quickly should it become necessary.


In order for internships to be established and start on time, resumes should be submitted by August 15 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester. Summer internships are considered with appropriate academic support.



More detailed internship descriptions are available through our office.


Call us at 508-756-1545, or use our Inquiry Form to learn more about becoming a Student Intern at Elder Services of Worcester Area.

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