ElderCare Q&A December 2017 – All About Medicare Open Enrollment


Nov 2017


Eldercare Q&A             

December, 2017  
All About Medicare Open Enrollment
Q: What happens during  Medicare Open Enrollment?

A: Medicare holds an Open Enrollment period every Fall. This year it began on October 15th, and ends on December 7th. This is when all people with Medicare can change their Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage for the coming year to better meet their needs, like changing the cost of your plan, benefit coverages, and which providers or pharmacies are in your plan.


Original Medicare includes  coverage for hospital and doctor care (Parts A and B)  that is managed by the federal government. You generally have to pay a deductible before Medicare pays its share, and a portion of the cost for each service you use. You can also add a Medicare Drug Plan…


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